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Did You Really Just... is an adult party game that requires you to shout out the first thing that pops into your head. Turns out the things that come flying out of your mouth can be sometimes troubling but almost always hilarious. You will find out what thoughts truly are hiding in your unconscious.”

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Game Play

2+ Players

10+ Min

A "Challenger" starts by holding the letter cards. They flip over a category card in the middle of the table and then they will challenge each person at the table one by one by flipping over a letter card. The first person (between the Challenger and the person they are battling) to come up with a word or short phrase fitting the category and starting with that letter wins that letter card. They then move on to the next person at the table in a clockwise rotatation. After everyone at the table has been challenged, the letter cards are passed to the person on the left, that person is now the new "challenger" and they flip over a brand new category card. 

After all letter cards have been played, everyone counts their letter cards and the person with the most cards wins that round! Shuffle the letter cards to start a new round.


Card Examples



Jessica. C 
Feb 28th, 2020

"This game is super fun! I played at Happy Hour with friends and we had a really great time with a lot of laughs! You'd never imagine some of the things that come out of your friend's (or you own) mouths but this game brings them out!"